• The Thermal Defender System

    A breakthrough in weld spatter build-up prevention.

    Designed primarily for MIG torch and short circuit welding

Drastically Reduces Nozzle Maintenance

A breakthrough in weld spatter build-up prevention, the Spatter-Nix system combines the technology of a high-temperature coating with a non-invasive spatter purging unit that keeps weld torches virtually free from spatter build-up, greatly extending consumable life.

What is Weld Spatter?

It’s an inevitable part of welding, but something you want to prevent at all costs.


During the welding process, arcing causes metal fragments to crystallize, forming a solid mass build-up that is difficult to remove.

Restricted Gas Flow

Spatter build-up can clog the diffuser, blocking the gas flow inside the weld nozzle.


Spatter blockage causes porosity in the weld, which leads to costly reaming and weld repairs.

Pre-Applied, Baked-on coating

Spatter-Nix is a unique process that coats the weld tip as well as outside and inside the weld nozzle, preventing spatter build-up and blockage.

Uncoated weld nozzle after one hour of welding.

Weld nozzle after one hour of welding with Spatter-Nix.

Conventional Spatter Removal

There are a multitude of companies selling anti-spatter products, each with their own pros and cons.

Reaming Equipment
Traditionally, reaming has been a popular method for removing spatter from nozzles. But reaming equipment is expensive, costing up to

Costly Maintenance

In addition, reamers require costly maintenance and can cause gas flow blockage deep inside the weld nozzle.

Sprays and Dips

Other options are anti-spatter sprays and dips that, although beneficial, do not sufficiently reduce nozzle and tip cleaning frequency.

Other Prevention Methods

Selection of the correct gas, welding wire, training, atmospheric conditions and many other factors can effect the amount of weld spatter. However, no matter what you do, spatter will still be generated.

  • A better way

    The Spatter-Nix system includes both a pre-applied spatter repellent coating and a vibratory cleaning unit (VCU). The Spatter-Nix coating allows inert gas to flow freely from the diffuser inside the nozzle, preventing arcing while any minimal spatter remaining is vibrated loose by the VCU without damaging the nozzle itself. The Spatter-Nix system substantially reduces the need for periodic maintenance and improves weld quality.


SPATTER-NIX is a nozzle and tip coating designed to be the most durable, and effective solution for weld spatter prevention on the market. Spatter-nix is adhered to parts beforehand and can be stored until necessary for use.

In particular welding environments, Spatter-Nix will greatly out perform sprays or dips. A pre-applied product, Spatter-Nix is bonded to the parts and will repel spatter for longer durations and is much more durable.


  • Pre-Applied and ready for use
  • Reduces nozzle cleaning frequency
  • Faster and easier nozzle cleaning
  • Increase lifespan of weld nozzles
  • Reduces the need for anti-spatter dips and sprays


  • Thin metal applications (0.7–1.0mm)
  • A Pillars, B Pillars, C Pillars
  • Automotive Stamping
  • Body Shop Work
  • Spot Welding
  • Stitch Type Welding
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Spatter-Nix VCU Cleaning Unit

Spatter-Nix VCU

The Spatter-Nix system includes a Vibratory Cleaning Unit, which is an optional, noninvasive, spatter purger, that when combined with Spatter-Nix coatings, keeps weld torches virtually free from spatter build-up.

VCU Close Up

In one step, a variable vibration is applied to the nozzle while air helps flush spatter. Then, if necessary, a spray of Thermal Defender, or similar anti-spatter solution, is applied. Integrating the Vibratory Cleaning Unit into your robotic welding cycle will maintain product quality and increase productivity.


TD-97 is a dry film ceramic coating which is sprayed onto parts to protect them from metal weld spatter. Quick and easy, it can be applied and dried in under a minute and is then ready for immediate use.

A versatile product, Thermal Defender TD-97 is intended for use in a wide range of welding environments. With a low cost per application, TD-97 can be economically applied to protect practically any surface that could be damaged by weld spatter.


  • Easy application & Fast drying
  • Savings on welding consumables
  • Higher quality welds
  • Reduced downtime
  • Easy cleanup
  • Reduced need for cleaning chemicals


  • MIG and MAG welding
  • Laser and Plasma cutting
  • Jigs, Fixtures, Nozzles, Tips, Cabling
  • Work Pieces & Shrouds
  • Cables & Sensors
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Thermal Defender TD-97
  • Minimized nozzle cleaning from every 15 minutes to once every six hours.

    - A Muffler Manufacturer

  • Reduced nozzle cleaning from every five cycles to every 500 cycles.

    - A Major Metal Fabricator

  • Cut down robotic weld nozzle cleaning from three times per shift to once every six shifts.

    - An Automotive OEM

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